Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whats in store for the new year!?

Hell if I know lol But I do have a few things planned. For them oe, my mothers b-day is on new year's! I'm also going to meet up w/ my nago sa sistaz on new year's! I haven't hung out w/ them in a while! But sadly one of them (Kate) won't be able to make it b/c she isn't in town BUT she said she would meet up w/ us another day before I go back to school in Chicago so that makes me happy. I also have a few goals set for myself for the new coming year. I'll list them off for ya. 

Goals for the new year:

- loose weight (this is a big one for me and i know I can do it if i put my mind and heart to it)
- be more focused in school and make better grades (i know this is possible if i stop procrastinating)
- seriously vamp up my gal style. (i want my style to be clear on what it is when u see it. i'm done w/ being shy on what i wear. i wanna be fuckin fabulous! >8D)
- get a job! >w< (as much as i want to revamp my style....i need money to do it)
- meet interesting people who do interesting things (i cannot stress enough how much i hate "normal" people. normal meaning people who go along w/ the social norms. i like crazy and outgoing people full of color and sparkle in their veins! lol)
- be the best girlfriend and friend >w<
- revamp my blog layout. i want it to be smexy!

Now that I've told some of my goals do you have any? Or any resolutions? I wanna knooww! ^0^


  1. Wow, you've already got fun plans for the new year! Have fun!! ^__^

  2. those are some good goals.. i really like the interesting people one! "normal" people are too "normal," lol ~ i like people are full of sparkle in their veins too! hehe

    good luck in your goals, i know you can do it!

  3. You and I share some common goals :) I would also like to loose some weight, get a job(sephora baby!), be a better friend, and gain more friends!

    I'm so hoping by this year I can meet more people. I love when everyones out of the norm! It makes life so much more interesting! I also love when I find friendly individuals who share common interest with me and are different.

    Seeing them so confident and cheerful by being themselves always inspires me! I don't wanna give a flying hoot who stars @ me also! I wanna shine too!

    Here's to making our Resolutions come true!^O^

    P.S.- Happy Happy Birthday to your mom!! <3