Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some new gets and feeling better

Last week my mom heard my plea and was kind enough to respond to it. I was out of foundation and she bought me a new one! Now it's not the same one I was using before which was the Matte Mouse by Maybelline (which I still love). She got me the "FIT me!" liquid foundation by Maybelline! I had a liquid foundation before and it was from Mac but I didn't use it too often b/c it made my face really cakey. I'm hoping w/ this new foundation that I will love it and that it'll work for me. When I use it I will post pics.

Not the best lighting v.v

She also got me a new brown palette. I also desperately needed this b/c I need to practice contouring my nose.

I'm also really happy b/c two sets of my lashes from ebay came in the mail recently! They're both top lashes so now I'm waiting for my bottom lashes to come!!! 
First set:

Even though I love these...they are way smaller in person than what I thought I was getting :/ I will make do w/ them though. It's not like I paid a lot for them anyway.

Second set:

loovvvee <3 These bad boys are huge and I love them!

They may not be brand lashes but I don't give a fuck. They work just as good in my opinion. 


MY LOWER LASHES CAME TODAY!!!! WOOOOOO!!! First time owning my own too!!

I'm too excited right now!! SDGTYHTYDFHNUTDBVD!!

I know this is random but I have been thinking about my tattoo ideas. I want three. One of them is a quote Gaga said in an interview; "It's always wrong to hate, but it's never wrong to love." I want that on the side of my stomach...or rib cage. 

The other is an ancient Egyptian phrase said by Kemetics. "Ankh udja seneb" which means Life. Prosperity and Health. These are the symbols for it which I plan on getting on my wrist:

Ankh,     Udja,   Seneb

And last but not least my blue lotus flower w/ the Eye of Horus (aka Eye of Ra). I want to get this either on the back of my shoulder or the middle of my back just below the neck.

I found a simple drawing of a lotus flower on google and I just took it into photoshop and colored on it and put the eye of horus in the middle. I want something similar to this. I hope to get a good artist who will do it justice. I got this idea from another tattoo I saw on google. Instead of the Eye of Horus they had the Hindu "Om" symbol in the middle

I really like this...I wish all these colors would show on my skin but alas being brown we have to work w/ what we got. ^.^

So yeah lol...tis all for now ^.^


  1. I used mac before too and it made my face feel heavy! then i bought that Maybelline (mines 350 i think) and it felt so much lighter *o* i recommend it :D

  2. That's great to hear! Now I'm even more excited to use it!

  3. I use Maybelline Fit Me. I don`t know much about foundation or other brands but you`ve seen me wear it because it`s the only foundation I`ve ever worn and although my skin`s a bit problematic I don`t think I`ve ever had a reaction to it. Also I started using a foundation brush and I think it helps a lot with controlling how much you use and keeping it un-cakey.


  4. I bought those lashes (lower) on Ebay too and they're really awesome :D
    The lotus tattoo sounds like a great idea and I'm sure it would look great on you!

  5. @Kira Kira: I need to get me a foundation brush. They seem nifty lol. ALSO you still need to take me that Ausar Aset place lol >83.

    @ Chaitea: Thankies! I've been so indecisive lately about tattoos but I guess people should be. I glad I came up w/ something I like a lot.