Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Gal Circ and meet pics!

So once upon a time their was a nago sa in my area named "Chance". But sadly no one kept in contact and/or just didn't meet up at all so we wound stopping the circle.

Now, my friend Yuka (a previous Chance gal) and Jax decided to start up a new nago sa and named it シユガーギヤル!!
(Sugaa gals! pronounced "Shugaa"). I was hesitant on joining at first b/c of what happened w/ the last circle. And even being in it now I feel somewhat hesitant but hopefully things will work out or that we will last longer.

With this new sa we acquired a new member! Her name is Moni and she's super cute and sweet. Her fav style is b-gal and I think she likes the looks in Happie Nuts as well. At our first meet (which was today!) we gave her a little make over but since she had to leave early we had to work fast. Next time though when we meet we will have m,ore time to experiment w/ different looks.

Here are the pics that I took and hopefully more to come! 

This is Jax and her fav style is the Cocolulu look

This is Kate and she likes mori gal and Liz Lisa. Them panties look mighty fine! lol >w<

me of course!

Me and Jax

Moni and Jax

Me and Jax's shoes <3

Jax, Yuka, and Moni

Me, Yuka, and Jax

Yuka-pon <3

Yuka and Moni

These pics were taken after we were done w/ Moni's mini make over!

Moni took this pic of herself when she got home tonight. For as fast as we did her make I think it came out well. ^.^ Can't wait for the next meet ya!


  1. Aww looks like you had fun ^_^ I've just joined a circle too! our first meet is in a few weeks :) im rli excited! xxx

  2. awww! i'm so glad you guys had a great time! and omg Moni is gyaa so adorablee she iss TwT. Yeah, I can understan what you mean about the hesitance thing. Kinda why I'm not starting anything back up til I know things are soild -w-b.
    And as always, you're damn eyes gurl! i loves themmm! i wish mine were like yours ;w;b

  3. That's so great you guys started up a new circle with a new member, it looks like you guys are already having a lot of fun. And I love your leopard jacket with striped stockings!

  4. @Tobi: When you guys meet don't forget to take tons of pics and post about it! ^.^

    @Malia: For some reason gal circs in the states don't always hold up as long >w< And gurl shush! I love your whole face! Sexy is written all over it!

    @Sara Mari: Thank you, thank you ^.^ Although my mom was looking at me like I was a hooker XD but she thought it was cute too anyway.

  5. It looks like you guys had fun! :D I wish I lived in that area to go to meet ups, no one in my area likes Gyaru-anything... They think all Gyarus look like and are hookers ( ; _ ; )

    I really like your outfit though, that jacket/coat(?) is awesome *o*