Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Haul!

And it's all thanks to my mom. For some reason I guess she was in a shopping mood. I'm just lucky enough to be there w/ her lol >w< I didn't even ask for anything really. She asked me if I wanted a certain item and I just agreed to it lol. These "happy mom shopping" days don't happen that often. Especially since the whole family is low on cash these days. But none the less I am thankful.

I had gotten a new pair of wedge heels from Nine West and luckily they were on sale for 40 bucks! These heels were originally 60!

I loooove these wedges! I can't wait to pair them up w/ an outfit!

Me and mom also hit up Burlington Coat factory where I got the hats of my dreams and (another) new make up bag! 

I have been dying to get my hands on a floppy hat! I damn neared cried when I saw in the store...especially when we were checking them out at the I was jumping for joy in my head. I tried to stay as calm as possible. lol But anyway the first one is dark brown and the second one is black.

It was late at night and I looked busted so I pixelated my face lol (tis what happens when u blog at night....or should I say early morning? >w<)

Now I had already gotten a new make up bag from Forever 21 which I love but I could not pass up the deal I saw at Burlington Coat factory! It was too cute!

I got all three of these for 6 bucks! *0* I will make good use of these!

This is the one from Forever 21 (it rolls open)

Also w/ me my creative thoughts I had got a new nails set to decorate (I bought these myself) and I got some new nail polish for it!

these actually have a nice shimmer in them but you can't really tell by this pic. That red looking one is actually more like a hot strawberry pink and that blue is lighter in person as well.

The pen nest to the nails is a black nail polish drawing pen. So it makes it easier to make designs on nails.

Here's the design I'm thinking of doing on the nails.

I did this in photoshop and colored over some nail pics I got from online. The black nail I had put white dots on it to represent glitter. I'm actually of thinking of making those plain pink ones black w/ glitter as well. Black has always been my 'go to' color. What do you guys think?


  1. Getting things on sale is always a great feelings, especially if its a cool item like those wedges^^ I like the floppy hats too.

    I think your nail design is really nice! Personally I would keep the pink, of course if you don't like it you can always put black over it later XD

  2. Sales are a gal's best friend lol

    I have been thinking it it over a lot in my head about keeping the pink nails or not. But I think I will keep them and if I don't like it then I will just paint them over black. I guess I was just too excited to think about the other options lol >w<.