Monday, October 17, 2011

Self spam from Saturday

When our first gal meet happened I cam whored of course and I'm going to share w/ you all my pics! Some of you may have already seen this pics since I posted some on tumblr and my FB. I was trying to channel my inner Happie Nuts/Blenda gal....Hopefully it came across that way >w<!

I think one of the things I need to work on when it comes to styling myself is knowing the difference between club wear/going out ear and just being fashionable. I like this outfit a lot but I feel like I kind of over did it for a gal meet >w< It seems like I am headed to a club and I know a lot of gals get that but I seriously think this of my outfit. I just need to find that common ground in the fashion.

full body shot

Those feathers you see are from my earring! <3 

another shot of my make in a different lighting and you can see my contacts a little better

My nails. I actually changed the color scheme a bit from the original design. Even after doing that I wished to add more designs on the other nails as well.

shot of my legs and shoes <3


  1. Love your nails! <3

  2. Zomg you look gorgeous! <3 I luuurve your outfit, especially that leopard print coat! ^^

  3. @Lain Barbie Eyes: Thank you! I tried my best on them >w<

    @Lizzie: Thank you love! <3

  4. love the outfit (; gorgeous!
    what type of contact are you wearing!? it beaut!

    CMPang x