Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My friend Jo's b-day! (pic heavy)

My friend Jo turned 20 three days ago and I was glad to be at her party. A lot of the people there I was friends w/ so it was good to see them again. We ate a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Ai and then went to this cool ass bowling alley that had a really big arcade section. Most of us just stayed in the arcade section. They even had laser tag! Also they had a ghetto purikura booth lol lol I wish America would catch on to the trend.
Me and Yuka's purikura pics. I tried to get a good shot of it but this was the best one I came up w/. I'm going to scan them in sometime.

The birthday girl Jo and her new boo Enrique! <3

Mimi and Lizzy made this cake for Jo. I think they did a good job for amateurs. They even made the fondant icing! 

This pic is blurry but Enrique gave her that necklace. What a sweetheart.

Lizzy, Yuka, and Kyle

Of course I had to cam whore myself a little >83

Me and Yuka

Me and Yuka again <3

Third time's a charm lol

Ok she wasn't supposed to be in this pic! Yuka photo bommed it!

Just trying to get a shot of mew shirt. I had mentioned it in my previous post.

Full shot of Jo's lovely lolita ensemble <3

This weird shot here was when we all went to Mimi's house afterwards. In her basement where black light was everywhere and looked totally awesome. Here in this shot was when we were playing a dancing game on mimi's Wii. I can't recall the name of the game but I know I have played it before.

Lizzy and Yuka making monkey faces <3

Yuka and the shadow men lol

Tis the end of the birthday pic spam! <3


  1. cute pictures ^_^.. cute blog.. post more

  2. Thank you so much ^.^ And I will try my best to post more...I really want to >w<