Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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I was tagged by the lovely Miss Lolo
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To be honest I don't really like doing these tag things but I thought I would do this for fun but I'm going to be poor sport and not tag others. Simply b/c I know if I didn't want to do this there's plenty who think the same. Also, everyone that was tagged w/ me has already tagged other people I follow. Why tag em' twice? BUT if you did not receive a tag and wish to be you can just say I tagged you anyway LOL


11 facts about me:
1. The way I got the nickname "Nami" was derived from the singer Namie Amuro. In high school I was a really big fan of hers (still am) and wanted to be like her. Although in my nick name I took the 'e' off of Namie and stuck w/ Nami.
2. I used to have a cat named Azule. He was a gray tabby. I named him Azule b/c his eyes were blue. Azule means blue in spanish.

3. I like eating Macaroni & cheese w/ barbeque sauce.

4. I hate peanut butter w/ a passion! (even the smell of it makes my stomach hurt)

5. I'm attracted to all types of men but gay men and drag queens are my fav lol.

6. I like to flash my boobs to my friends.

7. Pink and black are my favorite colors.

8. I like to cosplay.

9. I really want a french bulldog. If it's a girl I will name her Marie Antoinette and if it's a boy I would name him either Pepe or Francois.

10. I'm constantly craving sweets and sushi.

11. I love rock and metal music

My 11 questions:
1.Your Favorite Artist/Band and Why? 
She is my favorite b/c I can connect w/ her and her music. I see so much more to her than what others may see. She's more than just "shock value" and "gimmicks". When I saw her come on to the scene it was like a breathe of fresh air to me. I had stopped listening to American music almost all together before she came along (I stuck w/ Jpop, Jrock and Kpop at the time). She has that soul touchin music for me.

2.If you ruled the world what would be the first thing you do?
Buy my family members a big ass house and a new car w/ everything paid off.
3.Why did you start blogging?
I started to just have a place to write out my feelings.
4.Would you say you're more different than your younger self (like you've matured etc) and why?
Yes and no. Yes b/c I have matured greatly. I can remember certain situations from when I was younger and how I handled them. I cringe at those thoughts...I know better now. No b/c I'm still that goofy kid which I take pride in. make up skillz have gotten better lol.

5.Who Inspires you and Why?
Lady Gaga of course lol
aannd just spiritual people (not just christians but people of any religion. I feel like people w/ the knowledge of love, self awareness and a love for nature are very inspiring)
6.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
 When I met the Japanese band MUCC face to face. They are my favorite jrock band and I swear in that moment I was in heaven. I could hardly speak.
7.Do You watch cartoons? Which ones and why?
HELL YEAH!! Cartoons are the reason I'm in my major in college! I like A LOT so naming them all would be ridiculous. But I will say I like cartoons from America and Japan.
8.What Languages would you like to learn fluently?
Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Ancient Egyptian, Elven and maybe German too
9.Have you ever been in love?
YES! I am currently head over heels in love w/ my boyfriend <3
10.Your Favorite song and why?
uuuggghhh I hate this question lol
I have two right now that I really like. The first one is "Bloody Mary" By Lady Gaga. I dunno what it is but that song just hits me in the right spot. And the second song is "You da One" By Rihanna. This song just basically explains my emotions I have towards my boyfriend.

11.Are their things about yourself you want to work on and why?
My weight, my temper, and being more progressive towards my future goals.
I'm not at a weight I'm comfortable w/ . I wish to be slimmer and tone. 
My temper b/c I'm not that easy to anger but once you do I act out and hold grudges. I wish to control my anger problems and learn to let things go.
And the last one is kind of self explanatory. I just need to work harder.

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