Sunday, December 11, 2011

LOL wut (quick post)

So I lost my phone last night.

I will never have a phone as good as that one ever again. Me and my family are too broke right to even think of getting a phone like that again. -sigh-

It was fun having a smart phone for a while.

Oh and about that Christmas list...I can just expect to receive nothing on it. My mother told me if they get me a new phone then that's all I will get for Christmas. I guess I should turn that list into a "want list" then.

This also means friends will be getting late Christmas gifts b/c my mom had originally planned on helping me get them. Not anymore. I hate not having money.

You are probably thinking "why not get a job?" I will smack a mother fucker for saying such shit. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A JOB! I filled out at least 10 applications and bothered the fuck out of the places to see if I can get hired. Nothing. Literally nothing. No call backs. Nothing.

This whole issue is far beyond just Christmas gifts. It's a money issue. The one issue that kills me the most. To be honest it's also tearing my family apart but that's a whole nother' story that I'm not getting into now.

I think what I need to do now is cry out my pain, eat some cookies, meditate, and continue to be positive.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you lost your phone, my mom lost her iPod recently and its one of those things that's just too expensive to replace sometimes TT (So I just gave my iPod to my mom so she can still have one)

    Money completely dictates modern life, you can't do anything without it so I understand how it can create issues. I applied to many crap level jobs at the beginning of September, and it took until November to get hired at one (most didn't call back either tho) So don't give up yet!

  2. Aaaw thank you for sharing. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one going through things. All these other blogs I follow people seem to be having a dandy ol' time and just buyin shit like it's free lol. -sigh- I will admit in some ways I'm envious but I always snap myself ou of thinking that way. I refuse to give up now though! I'm only life has really only begun. >83

  3. girl welcome to the party *passes tissue & steals cookie*
    ik i laughed at when you lost your phone but i know that sting (fuckin lost my phone at skrillex concert) of losing something that means alot to you :<! turn that want list into a goal list lol! itll help you achieve it faster and make you more positive!
    and omfg when i read other blogs i feel the SAME FUCKING WAY. even though i have money, i dont have money like THAT to be spending =_=''
    rich ass mother fuckers lmao<3

    but yea! when life shuts you the fuck down, all you CAN do is cry ;~; so cryyyyyyyy! let all that fustration out. & when youre done, get back up on your feet and WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORK HARD TO REACH YOUR GOAL/DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! ik its easier said than done but you cant give up ;^;