Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quick update

I would like to post more about me, my style and what I'm doing but lately I have just been at home trying to get my school stuff situated so that I can return to Chicago.

But no worries I have some new things in store to post about! This Saturday is my besties birthday so of course I'm going to go out for that. There's also a Christmas party I'm going to that Saturday as well. Also I have a new hairstyle! I won't show pics til this weekend. Lets just say it makes me look....very bgal-ish. I'm not really going for that look but I will work it out before I change looks again.

With my hair though I'm currently one year post relaxer. I guess I'm goin the natural route right now. I wanna see how much my hair can grow naturally and what my natural curl pattern looks like.  I always had the dream of having big ass lion's mane hair! lol But who knows I may go back to the creamy crack. But I'm going to stick this out longer w/ out it. Wish me luck!

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