Friday, December 9, 2011

X-mas list revamped, gifts and other random thoughts lol

My X-mas List!
- copic markers
- tablet (for drawing)
- eyeshadow palette
- house shoes (A friend of mine is getting me these!)
- new snow boots
- Betsey Johnson purse ( I saw some on ebay for reeaalllyy affordable prices! like $40! @0@)
- anime convention badges! (b/c I'm a nerd lol) 
I know this isn't  much different from the one I posted before but I wanted to put it up. I also have some New Year's resolutions. One of them is for my family to be financially stable again. We are going through some tough times v.v I guess al we can do is continue working hard. Hopefully it will pay off in the end.
But I wish not let those things get my spirits down and nor do I want to make others sad. I want to keep this jolly spirit least for the holidays. I want to get small presents for my friends. They deserve it! I'm currently making a list for them too.

Not related to the topic above but I have been thinking about making a video. I dunno about what but I feel like maybe I can connect w/ people better if they were able to put a voice w/ a face. I mean I had made a New Year's vid I think for 2010 and I only said a few words in it. I think I might do something similar. I'm so shy and weird though. I feel dumb talking into a camera lol and making eye contacting w/ that lense is just frightening lol. I'm a wreck I know lol.

On another random note my gal pal/sister/friend Yuka is living out her dream in Japan right now! She's always been determined to become an Akiba Idol and she's finally getting a shot at it! She had gotten an audition and performed at several places in Akihabara in front of an audience and it was shot live on Nic Nico Douga (Japanese youtube). They weren't able to record the auditions but you could of watched them on niconico douga. Sadly I do not have an account on there so I missed them but I was cheering for her in spirit! I'm so excited for her and proud of her!  がんばってねユカちゃん!



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