Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love it when the bass drops

Recently I have gotten back into cyber punk fashion. Specifically cyber monster looking stuff. I only would dress this way at dances or raves but if I felt like it I would wear it whenever, where ever! >8D

For the past two yrs I have worn the same rave outfit and I'm looking to do something a little different. Maybe something a little more extreme. Extreme meaning in the make up design...well the over all design too.

This was taken in April 2011

This is me and my friend Aya. This was taken in May 2010

As much as I love that outfit it needs to go and that wig was on it's last leg too lol lol

This is my friend Mjok. She always has these bad ass designs when it comes to make up! She was actually inspired by another make up artist named Durga. Here's her website
Her stuff is very avant garde but I absolutely love it w/ a passion! *0*

Mjok is the one in the middle. Man I wish I had boobies like that! XD lol But I will do w/ mine lol. One day I will party w/ her! >8O I just really love the whole runny looking make up style. It's like you are crying neon tears!

This pic of Mjok is a bit old but I loves it so much! *0* I love her! lol <3

Here's something I have been working on for my new rave look.

I'm not sure on whether I want short sleeves or long. Tis why her arms look unfinished...also I hate drawing hands so I just left them out lol. Now that wig is two toned colored and is light pink and light purple w/ buns on top. I plan buying this wig from Minty Mix. The splatter of color on there I wish to be very bright or even glow in the dark. And yes those are bat wings on the head. I was inspired by Morrigan from the game Darkstalkers. I have no clue what color I want the fluffy legwarmers to be...but I have like 4 months to decide before Acen. Also there's a black heart on my chest that I will make look runny as well. I think I might some glitter on it too.

I took a pic I had of me w/ less make up on and messed around in photoshop and drew on some make up ideas.  This what I thought of so far. This is basically a close up look of the make up I drew in the pic above. (Obviously I was inspired by Mjok >w<)

Now I don't actually plan on putting a star on one of my eyes. I just did that b/c I didn't feel like re-doing everything on the other side lol lazy I know lol.I wanted to get white contacts but none come in a prescription and I need to see LOL! So I'm going to get the EOS New Adult Grey circle lense in it's place. They show up very nice.
I'm really excited about doing this! I don't want to look like the average rave chick in a bikini. I feel like there's no creativity in that. And they look really boring. I'm all about show stopping! lol

Now I leave you w/ the song I'm currently obsessed w/!
Downlink "Emergency"

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