Sunday, December 11, 2011

Japanese drama's to the rescue lol

Besides all the stupid/bad things happening to me as of late I have found a new Japanese drama to watch.
It's called "Misaki's Number One." It's not really that new since it was released I think in early January of 2011 but it's new to me b/c I have never seen it.  I have only watched the first episode and so far I'm liking it.

“Misaki Number One!!” is originally a manga written by Fujisaki Masato, and it’s a story of the #1 hostess in Roppongi, who becomes a teacher for three months.
Karina will play the hostess/teacher who has to come face to face with students full of problems.  One of the highlights of the drama will be Karina’s fashion, as she shows up in hostess dresses even in school.
The producer of the drama is Kato Masatoshi, who is known as the producer of popular drama, “Gokusen“.  Masatoshi said that he wanted to make another school drama like “Gokusen”, and he thought Karina would be a great teacher.

Just a little something to ease my headache and frustration...along w/ cookies w/ icing.


  1. lol gokusen is awesome so i think i would like this! thanks for posting, im gonna check it out too!! :D

  2. omg...i'm glad i checked your blog, i've been looking for dramas like these. so awesome <3

  3. I've been following this drama! I like how it has actors & actresses from my other favorites. Especially the leader of that little gang of 5. He was in ikemen desu ne!! He is so cute!! (⌒_⌒;)

    Great series so far, ~ I think I'm on episode 4.