Friday, December 2, 2011

Always evolving (lengthy & super pic heavy lol)

So my gal pal Lisha made a post about her style and how it has evolved over the yrs and so I got inspired to do the same. I actually never made a post like this one before and not many people have actually seen me from "back in the day" lol. So I am going to share w/ you all now!

When I first heard of gal maybe sometime back in late 2007 I told myself I wanted to be like those girls! Hot and glamorous lol! Though at the age I was my collection of make up was lacking and all I had was eyeliner! I only wore foundation for like dances and stuff b/c I thought of foundation as something "fancy" lol

Here's me (junior in high school). Hardly any eyeliner not looking gal AT ALL lol. But this was the very beginning. And the girl next to me is my Korean sister Geunhwa Lee but most just called her "Emily" lol. I miss her a lot, she's in New York now T.T 저는 당신이 그리워요 당신을 사랑 해요!

Now these pics is where I added a bit more make up
I guess throwin up the peace sign made me more "cool" LOL man I was lame XD my phone camera at the time was lame too lol

I actually liked my make up here but you can hardly see it b/c of my lame camera on my lame phone >w< lol

Now here I had gotten myself some weave and my make up kinda got a little better but it still wasn't quite there yet. This was early 2008

Oh god...XD LOL I actually remember the guy I was dating at the time XD

I seriously thought I was cute shit too. I mean...well....not to brag but I think I am a cute girl but then I was thinkin I was hella gal "desu yo"! XD LOL LOL LOL (I was trying to go for a b-gal look here)

Later in the year of 2008 I applied my make up a bit thicker and wore foundation more often. I added a bit of color to my weave as well lol.

LOL this was my myspace profile pic for a while too! XD

chuu chuu lol

This was when I was a big Antic Cafe fan! NYAPPY!! LOL XD -facepalm-

This was my first "all gal coord" too >w< This is actually when I first met Yuka Pon. It was at a anime convention. (She wasn't internet famous then lol)

Oh man this was my myspace profile for a while as well!  I had my friend do the background for me XD
I feel w/ in the year of 2008 I emproved a lot...well not emproved but made steps forward in trying to look gal.

Now these pics were taken I wanna think in early 2009. I was going for a banba or tsuyome look in the first two pics.

This is actually still one of my favorite coord's now! lol

I dunno why I posted this lol. It's just me and my bestie Lori being dumb and bored lol

I would like to think my make up improved a lot during this time. Those were my first circle lenses too.
In 2010 I had a lot of changes I was either wearing heavier make up or lighter make up. I also went through a bunch of different styles regarding my make up, hair and clothes. I guess this was due to me going to college for the first time. I had even acquired a new bf late 09 and we are still together now. There's a lot of pics of my changes so some of them I put in groups.

This was early 2010 ^ January, February early
close up pic of my make up from the last pic in that group of four.

Now these next group of pics was a little after the first group. I was in a spring semester at my local community college.

I went through a lot of hair color changes and I experimented a while on what style I wanted to rock. In the last pic in that group I was w/ my former gal group CHANCE. We only lasted that year (there was another girl in our group but she couldn't make it to the photo shoot)

Now comes the fall months where I entered into Columbia College Chicago!

Now I had an awesome first couple of months at Columbia b/c I was in a new place and on my own. I even met my internet gal friends!lol but when it came to style then to be honest I didn't know what I was doing or where I going w/ it. I just did it. In that last pic I had went home for thanksgiving and I got a hair cut there! I liked it but I was having a hard time making look still come off gal. Near the end of the first semester though I think my make up skills started to pick back up again. I guess I got inspired. And by the new year of 2011 I came back w/ a booooomm!!! LMAO >w<

Me and Lisha. She did my make up too! I loved. Thus ends the long story of 2010!

COLLEGE TRILOGY PT.2 dun dun duunn!!

Like I said before when 2011 came around I started to pick my gal game back up. I was determined to have a more defined look and actually work towards a goal!

I'm gonna skip posting certain pics and just tell you what happened next lol Well I started experimenting again w/ make up. I did a gothy chic look (you can see a pic of that on the right hand side) and I did a b-gal look (which I made a post of some months back on here). Now skipping to August and then on to now.

^This was me on my birthday, August 9th. I was really proud of my make here. And I loved my new lashes!
This look has to be my favorite so far through out this whole gal journey! Like...I wish I could just wake up in the moring and my make up would look like this! lol

And the last pic of this post. FINALLY! >w< My most recent look!

I feel like I just gave you all a brief history of my life lol Oh man, I congratulate the ones who went through this whole post and made it out alive! I'm tired of looking at my own face XD But my journey is still continuing to get better and better. I had made post I think last week on how I want to look more rock gal so that's what I'm working towards now.
If you haven't already I think you should make "gal timeline" of sorts too! Now it doesn't have to be as long and retarded as mine lol