Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy be-lated New Year's! (pic heavy)

Ok so I was too drunk to make a post about it on New Year's and was too lazy to do it the day after XD lol.  So I'm making it now! ^.^

At first I hadn't planned on going to any party or drinking. I was just going to my cousin's house like we do every year and eat lol. But my best friend Lori convinced me to go to some guy named Michael Ho New Year's party. At first I didn't want to b/c I didn't know him and I don't like feeling awkward. But low and behold that guy came into Bubble Tea (me and lori were talking about all of this there). It was fate! lol So they guy sat next to us and talked to us for a bit. I wound up liking him and decided we should go. I even found out later that some other friends of mine were going as well.

Now even though I knew some people that were going I was still nervous b/c it's one of those parties that I call "asian parties". Meaning the majority of the people there were going to be asian. I don't have a problem w/ asians, I fucking love asians lol BUT I don't like being a minority lol >w< Once we got there all my worries were over. I could care less if I was the only black girl there lol Everyone was so nice and drunk lol lol lol. I met a a lot of new people and most of them wound up adding me on facebook later. Though the one thing I did notice is that asians love beer....specifically Heineken XD They chuggin that shit down! LOL Also more and more people kept flooding in the house and some of them were white, black and asian xD.

But now on to the pics b/c they tell my story more vividly lol and sory for the dark iphone photos >w<

First round of pics were of me and Lori before we went to the party.

my best face yet

here we have the lovely Lori <3

yes. LMFAO

we sad lol

cutie pie Lori!

Now on to the party pics! 

Lori already got her drink XD lol

dammit he caught me! lol

This is Michael Ho and me. This was his house party. He's a really funny guy who can dance lol

Lori and Michael

The guy in the middle is my friend Jiles. He also convinced me to come.

This gurl she was crazy that night. She was dancin all over the place and poppin her booty on everyone! lol She kissed me liked twice XD Oh and her name was Panny!

random shots of people I like to take

Now in these two photos I asked the guy standing next to me to take a pic w/ me. I think he was drunk and high lol his eyes were red as hell lol. But our pic got photo bombed by Jiles (on the left) and David (on the right).

This would of been a good picture if I wasn't blinking XD lol lol

chuggin down that Corona here XD

Jiles and David took a fake kissy pic w/ me XD ALSO for some reason David (guy in the blue shirt) and one of his friends kept calling me Nicki Minaj! Like for real guys!? XD I will admit my make up looked kinda like hers that night but our faces are completely different. I guess you can't tell a drunk guy he's wrong XD lol I just let them keep calling me that lol lol lol.

me and Rodney. He rode w/ us there to the party.

This gave me a kiss on the cheek randomly. And if you can tell he has lipstick marks all on his face lol He was ballin that night lol. I found out later his name was Ben lol.

Jiles makin kissy face!

Too drunk to even take a picture right

uugghh lol lol

GO DJ!!! lol In the back is my friend Jody (on the left). The guy on the right, his name is Christian but since he's half Puerto Rican I called him Daddy Christian like the Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee XD He is also a bartender so he made me some tasty stuff to drink!

The Dj's name was Ga. Or at least thats what he told us to call him. He's a really nice/cool guy too. He found me on Facebook and added me.

 Tis all the pics I have. After midnight hit I was too drunk to take pics I was either sitting down taking shots or falling on the floor. BUT I sobered up quick and drove home and dropped people off. I'm a fucking beast lol. Also there were some other girls that I made friends w/ but I didn't get pics of them! ToT Hopefully I can find some of them on Facebook. All in all it was a good fucking night! I'm glad I went. ^.^

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm hoping 2012 will be an awesome yr and I will conquer any battles that come!

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