Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chicago 2012 Winter Gal Meet! (pic heavy)

I know it's been a while since I last posted but I will talk about that in another post.

Soooooo, over this past weekend the winter gal meet happened. Man....I had a lot of fun and for the most of it I was drunk lol. I remember everything though and didn't pass out lol. I have a lot of pics to share so I let most of them do the story telling!

These pics were taken before me and Tomo met up w/ the rest of people on Friday.


My Bao's from Wao Bao

Kevi and Tomo <3

Lisha, me, Justin and Kevi! Tomo took this pic

Me and Lisha. I look like the Michelin Man in my coat xD 

Tomo and Justin in front of the bean


These pics above were taken on Friday. It snowed so much that day and it was really cold. Like I thought I was dying lol xD Luckily we all made it through that night. Oooh  ooh! Also we went to a hokah bar that night. It was me and Tomo's first time doing hookah. Man me and Tomo had a little too much to drink there was well lol. We were just laughing and saying random shit lol. 

Me and Tomo...we were drunk when we took this pic but at least it came out ok lol.

yeeeeeeeeeee!! lol

Bright-eyed drunk lol <3 

Jax and Justin. Jax had some glorious hair that day!

Now on to the Saturday pics!!

me and Tomo taking pics before we head out.

took a pic of my legs lol sexay mama >8D

Tomo, Justin and Lisha

Me and Kevi

Kira Kira, Jax and Kevi

Justin and Tomo

Jax <3

My Saturday outfit. Those boots I had on were thigh highs. I love them!

Me, Jax and Lisha lol

took these pics in the mirror at H&M


Me and Tomo

on the escalator takin pics lol

My dinner we had before Karaoke.

Now I don't have any pics from the Karaoke part mainly b/c it was dark in there and I only had my phone camera. Also b/c I was dancing, singing and falling out all over the place lol. To be honest I'm glad I don't have that many pics up of that event b/c it wouldn't be a good look lol.

All in all I had a really good time and I look forward to the meet in the summer! I hope more people come out too! ^.^


  1. Wow I'm really digging errbody's outfits :o Your red jacket looks so fucking sexy >////< Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Aaaww thanks gurl! Hopefully one day we can hang too!
    My coat is actually hot pink but for some reason it showed up red >w<

  3. Wow, so jealous!
    Must be nice to have gal friends to hang out and have so much fun as you did!!

  4. Nami~~ Sorry for a comment unrelated to your post...

    But, do you have a way to get a hold of Jax? I met her at Naka-kon, but I forgot to ask for a way to talk with her (^^;;

    If you would ask her to E-mail me, or something?
    At this E-mail:


    Please; Thank you!

  5. You look so beautiful.. you ARE beuatiful! <3