Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I hadn't planned on making a post about this nor did I plan on having resolutions at all. Mostly because I feel that if I'm going change then it would be from the heart. Meaning that it's something I really plan to do or uphold.

From past resolutions I have said some similar things and haven't followed through w/ them. I don't why I think this year will be any different but I'm going to have a go at it again and I feel a stronger drive this time to work towards my goals.

Resolutions for 2012:

work on my laziness and become a hard worker (one of the main things that sets me back is my laziness)

 meditate and find myself spiritually (Kemetic spirituality)

 loose weight (I'm tired of being dissatisfied w/ my body)

 draw more (as an artist you think this would be a given but once again my laziness keeps me from it)

 read more

 work on gal style and make (I want to step up my gal game)

 work on cosplays (I will finnish them this year! it's a must!)

 do well in school this semester (I fucked up my gpa last spring. I need to bring it back up)

So far this is what I have and what I plan to work on. I may add some things later on but until then I think these will suffice.  Do you have any resolutions? Please share! ^.^

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