Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catching Up With Nami (kinda boring lol)

So like in my last post I said I would explain my mini absence from blogspot (actuallyl I haven't been online at all lol).

To put it simply I started school again! During the fall semester I didn't go to school but I have returned to Chicago for the Spring semester. I basically have the same classes as I did from last spring because I didn't do well at all in them. So w/ the craziness that happened of actually getting the money to go to school I had to deal w/ the moving in part. Now my problems w/ money for the school still isn't over. Every other day my dad likes to remind me how broke we are and yadda yadda.

What made me really not be able to get online was the fact that at my new dorm room we don't have wi-fi!! If you want internet in your room then you have to bring your own router! What kind of shit is that!! As much as we are paying for this room they couldn't at least provide that! Uuuugghh So if I wanted to get get wi-fi I would have to go to the second or twenty second floor for it. So I rarely left my room to go to another floor thats cold and full of nosey people for interwebs. BUT now my problems have been solved! I recently found out that since my floor is right above the second that I could connect w/ the wi-fi from there!! Yay me! lol

Hopefully w/ this new year I can buckle down on school work or at least try harder than what I did before. Some of the classes I have now I don't really like so I'm just trying to get this shit over w/. I wanna take art classes again! ToT

Until next time....JA NE!!! <3 (o*・ω・)ノ

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