Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm a Bad Kid! Ready for the Born This Way Ball!?

So two days ago (I think lol) Gaga tweeted her official Born This Way Ball poster! She has yet to post dates up for the North American tour! @0@ I'm going crazy over here waiting for theses dates!!!

This is the official poster. As excited as I am I think this poster could of been better....shit I could of did a better job but whatevs I'm goin anyway lol lol

Not only did she post the poster but she also posted a pic of the Born This Way set!

It's been called the "Monster Pit". I'm so excited! It's gonna be a homosexual blood bath in that pit! >8D There's gonna be glitter, sweat and eyes being poked out by studs and spikes! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'M REEEAAAADDDYYYY!!!

Man I'm so hyped I even drew out my outfit for what I would wear to the concert!

Basically I was goin for the 80's groupie chick look but themed from Gaga's songs "Heavy Metal Lover" & "Judas"
I just wanna be sexy, slutty and fabulous that night! LOL LOL LOL

I just can't wait to see her live for the first time and feel her goddess like aura around me and in me!!!

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