Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy very belated Valentine's Day! xD

I know some of you are over this holiday and wanna move on but I thought I would make this post anyway. I planned on doing it right after Valentine's day but I got lazy...and then I got sick so I didn't even feel like making any type of post. 

It's been two yrs a month and some days that me and bf have together! woot woot! We actually celebrated our anniversary on Valentine's day too b/c we were apart when we were supposed to have it.

For my gift's this yr to my bf was you know the usual card and chocolates but I decided to cook something for him so I made cupcakes w/ the help of my gal pal Lisha! Granted I could of done them by myself but since she was there she wanted t help out too. This was Lisha's first time making cupcakes. She was too excited lol.

I didn't have my contacts in nor did I feel like putting them on lol

What I wore...ignore messy room >w<

Lisha turned into cooking mama! lol

For our date we went to the theatre and the movie Chronicle. It was good but it's kind of bitter sweet. I won't tell you what happened so I suggest you go and see it! >83 After the movies we went to this huge arcade (I forgot the name of it) but it reminded of the arcades in Japan but just Americanized. Then we ate this really cool restaurant called Sushi Station where the food is all on a conveyer belt and you can pick off of it the food you like. 

pics of the arcade. there was so much more but my silly self didn't take pics til we left T.T and yes there was a second floor w/ much more awesomeness!

Really good food. I wanna go back soooooo bad!

Later that night we just headed back to his place and know...."alone time" lol lol >8D no babies were made so everything is ok lol lol lol I wish I had taken more pics like I had last year. I guess I was just too excited.
Ooh ooh! I also forgot to mention that we went to a Japanese supermarket called Mitsuwa (I love that place) and I got two new gal mags and some new lashes! 

the little JSG make up bag came w/ the EGG mag.

Over all I had a really nice time out w/ my sweetie and can't wait for more dates! Fuck waiting for valentine's day to do something special!


  1. you look so prettyful ;w; im glad you guys had a blast!!!! <3

  2. cooking mama!!1 >:D
    i wanna bake more.

    also, i want to go to sushi station!

  3. Dude, your phone is adorable ^^
    Your date sounds like it was a lot of fun too. Did he like the cupcakes ? XD

  4. aww it looked like soo much fun! ^, ^ & yes the cupcakes are sooo cute!

  5. Your phone deco is so cute and that bear is massive, hah I would have one on my phone but then it won't fit in my pocket (=.=)"! Cute cupcakes and Sushi Station sounds like Yo!Sushi, mmm the thought of sushi. *BELLY RUMBLES*