Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I made it in!

Specifically I made it into a MAID CAFE!! One that I can actually attend and be apart of with out having to travel the country lol.

I auditioned for a maid cafe in St. Louis (my home town) that's at an anime convention called Anime St. Louis (a.k.a ASTL). The cafe itself is called Honey Tea Maid Cafe. Even though I knew some of the girls in it already I was still really nervous about getting in or not. ESPECIALLY since I turned in my audition late!

Now that that stress is over a new one arises. I don't have a maid dress!!! @.@ Nor do I haz monies to get one. So I did what any girl would do....I cried and begged mama lol  lol. Thankfully my mom was totally down and helped me out. I should be ordering the dress sometime this week (I wonder what she's gonna make me do for this >.>).
This is the dress I will be purchasing (I will be getting the black one):

The girls that I said I knew that are already in the maid cafe are Lisha and Moni! 

Although after being at the cafe when it first started I started to get to know the other maids as well ^.^ I'm not the only one who got in. I think three other girls and two guys to be butlers! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! More excited though! 私の夢は叶いました!(My dream come true! lol)
For those wandering, the convention starts April 12th-14th 2013


  1. That's awesome you being a maid!! I'm sure all you girls are going to look so cute!!! :)