Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My maid dress came in the mail the other day! I'm suuuppppeerr freakin happy! I have wanted one for years and now it's finally in my grasps! For those who don't remember one of my main reasons for getting it is because I am now apart of a maid cafe at an anime convention!

The otaku in me was screaming when I tried this on.  One of my life goals have been met! lol lol I kept it on for some hours too. I made sure no such thing as dirt landed on it! All I need now is a petticoat, some thigh highs and some flats.
I want the next maid dress I get to be pink! I want a collection!


  1. I wish I could fit a cute maid dress, but boobs. Looks cute though :3.

  2. Omg. I love it. Looks like a perfect fit!! I'm planning to go to Anime Boston as a maid with my friend and was thinking of ordering from Bodyline! How's the fit and material? sorry for all the questions but I'm soo excited. ^^