Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend bust?

So many of you may or may not know that the gyaru circle Gal*Luxy that I'm in had a meet up two weekends ago. Unfortunately I was not able to go b/c of last minute problems arising (actually me Tomo and three other girls were not able to make it as well b/c of last minute troubles.) But I'm glad the girls had fun and took pics. You can check those out at our FB page!

Instead of doing completely nothing that weekend me and Tomo decide to get dressed and do something lol. We went didn't do too much but we had a nice time. We went this Japanese market called Mitsuwa. I haven't been there in almost three years and I'm in Chicago for school! That store is just reeeaaalllyyy far out and costs money to get over there. While we were there we just got a magazine o two and then went out for dinner at Applebee's. Since we were short on money we didn't get a lot but man that burger I had was on point. I wish to go back to Applebee's again and really chow down lol.

Since I didn't have any bottom lashes I discovered the power of mascara. I mean I use it from time to time but I layered a lot to get this look lol I likes this lol.

I was going for a rockish kind of look. I wish I had chains or something for my belt.

I damn near cried when I saw this. And of course I got it! All thanks to Tomo for helping me out! I have never owned a Happie Nuts mag and I was having a hard time find it online. I'm constantly studying every page of it lol. I need more @.@

Tomo was concentrating too hard lol lol.

Us at Applebee's

My Quesadilla burger! Yes there is such a thing! And I need to have it again!

Tis all my pics.

One more thing to address. I'm in the process of revamping my blog. As you can see I added a new music player. Be on the look out for a new look! ^.^


  1. Nami I have a shirt just like the one you're wearing, but looks like you had fun. I think there's a Mitsuwa in Jersey. I def need to check it out now.

  2. Thank you Camila! ^.^

    @Mew Mew: Oh snap! lol it is a cute shirt. You should totally go visit it when ever you have the chance!

  3. I love your eyemake! And isn't mascara amazing? I tend to go through roughly a tube per month, if not more. XD It's also pretty intense if you go heavy on the bottom mascara and add bottom lashes~

    I'm so glad you got your first copy of Happie Nuts! I love scans and all, but it's amazing to be able to have the actual thing in your hands, isn't it? :D

    Thanks for sharing!