Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament!

 It happened last night and bf invited me to go b/c he was going to dj for the first time! So of course I was go there to support my boo! While the tournament was going there was a dance floor on the other side of the room. Also I am a fan of gaming so I did watch a few rounds. If anything the whole event made me want to start playing more games! Tomo even signed up for the tournament...even though she never played the game before lol but I supported her anyway.

 There were a few people in cosplay there too! I saw a Kadaj from Final Fantasy Advent Children, a Wesker from Resident Evil (he was awesome!), and a Chun li from Street Fighter! The girl who was dressed as Chun li came over to me and asked me if I wanted to sign up for this girl gamer group called Sugar Gamers. I told her I wasn't that good and she said thats ok b/c they don't always do competitive things. My room mate Tomo on the other hand signed up but she plays hell of a lot more games than I do! I'm still considering it though. To be honest I just might lol. I also got to meet alot of new people and old friends there.

 But back to why I was really there....To support the bf and his dj playing. He spun some really good music! SKRILLEX!!! The b-boys even came out and did their thing. He had his friend w/ him behind the dj booth too...he kinda acted like a "hype man" for him lol he was too into the music! There a few mistakes my bf made but thats ok b/c this was his first time out in front of crowd. And this was like practice for him. Better there than a huge ass venue.

I didn't take any pics b/c I haz no camera. So I'm just going steal Tomo's pics from her blog cause she took some on her phone.

Suger Gamers logo

love my pink hair!

me and Tomo! <3

bf <3

TOMO AND FUCKIN WESKER!!! XD (she put the smiley face there, not me lol)

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