Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me lately...

I know I haven't posted in a while but it's due to a lot of school work and I don't like making blog posts w/ out pics. I haven't taken too many new pics but I do have a few.

Anyway I really need to get a job b/c I found a fabulous website that sells clothes to my liking. The webstore is called "Nasty Gal". Fitting right!? lol But a lot of their pieces look like Mode gyaru outfits. I can totally see myself making mode gal coord's from their website. Though they are a bit pricey I'm willing to spend. And even if I don't buy from there I can always find other stores w/ similar pieces to theirs for cheap.

Here's some pieces that I picked that I liked from their site:

^ I really like this piece. It would look especially good w/ a scarf around it as the mode gal does on the right. Here's the link to the website --> http://www.shopnastygal.com/

Here's a pic of me trying to look mode gal w/ the little resources I have. Though I'm going to be trying a lot harder from now on.

I should of taken a full body shot but I ran to class right after I took this >w<


  1. Wow, that shop has a lot of nice gyaru-esque clothing! :3 And you look so pretty in the scarf turban~ ♥