Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recent gal inspiration

Miss Koda Kumi

I've always been a fan of hers but recently I've become obsessed w/ her. Especially since her new albums came out. I downloaded and bought those immediately! lol She is toooooo fierce and will kill a bitch w/ her stiletto! Some may no consider her gal but I do. I mean why not!? Her make up may not look exactly like the make up in some of the mags but thats b/c she's a pop star gal! She's even on multiple covers of gal magazines (which I know doesn't necessarily means she's gal ). Even if she isn't gal the girl has swag and I'm jackin it! >8D (AND LOOK AT HER NAILS!! SHE'S A BEAST! lol)

too cute!

Here's some preview vids of her recent singles.

This vid is really cute and sexy. I died b/c I couldn't handle it. Some of her dancers are thick too! Thick in a good way! Love a lady w/ some meat! >83
I just wanna be as fierce as her XD


  1. shes super sexyyyyy! and love her nails! lol ye i agree shes totally soshite gyaruuuu *0*

  2. I love Koda Kumi. Her nail game is strong! She is the universal queen of awesome nails!

  3. Who wouldn't think she's gal?? Man people have such strict and bizarre rules who is gyaru and who's not >< She always looks hot and confident!

  4. Oh man, I'm totally joining you on the Koda Kumi love~ She's always so fierce and so talented! And those nails = ALWAYS AWESOME. Seriously, she's one of the best icons a gal can have, I think. ^ ^

  5. @Sara: yeah, in my mind at least she is gal.

    @Chrissie: yaaayy!!! come to the sexy side! >8D lol She is pretty awesome.