Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey all! Black lipstick, new phone & my donation to Japan

Hey you guys long time no speak!...I think lol >w<

So I know a lot of already know about the natural disaster that happened in Japan and I cannot stress enough how important it is to support them and pray for them. I know not everyone has the funds to just up and give away and thats understandable. But when ever you feel like you 5 dollars or more to give please do. I'm a broke college student but I had 5 dollars to give. I donated through the Lady Gaga website. Lady Gaga is selling these bracelets for 5 dollars on her website and all the money goes towards Japan. She did this also for the Haiti relief. But yeah I went and bought one of these and can't wait for it come in the mail. When i have more money I may get another one.

I love you Japan! Stay strong! I'm also praying for the Philippines v.v

Ok so yesterday morning I decided I wanted to wear black lip stick and be all mysterious lol. I did get a lot of stares but thats expected and I just strutted my stuff right on into class. I took some pics w/ me wearing the lip stick and I got a lot of compliments of people telling me that I rock the black lip stick. I was so glad to hear that b/c I was really nervous about wearing it. I didn't want it to come off as "cartoon-ish"! I'm going to share my pics w/ all now ^.^

This is actually one of my fav pics. (it seems scariest and obscure to me lol)


And today my good friends I received my new cell phone in the mail today! I was extremely excited! My bf had came over today too so he got to see me act all crazy about the new phone lol. It's a Pantech Impact in pink and I'm in love w/ it. I've never had a "cool" phone before lol can't wait to use the crap out of it! >8D

my gaga background of course >w<

The camera on here is amazing! *0*


  1. damn! that black lip stick looks amazing on you :O

  2. Love it! You look like you could be in one of those mob movies as the boss's girlfriend. Love it. It looks great on you