Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Porcelain Black. The Bitch is back!....w/ Lil Wayne?!

Sooooo I have been a fan of the band/group Porcelain and the Tramps since high school. I really wanted them to continue on but I guess something happened w/ the record label she was with so they have been m.i.a for about 5 years. But I scroll down on tumblr I see this song posted called "This is What Rock n' Roll Looks Like" by Porcelain Black ft. Lil Wayne. At first I was in intrigued so I gave her a listen. As I listened I started thinking "She sounds a lot like the lead singer from Porcelain and the Tramps." So I did a little google search come to find out that it is her! I literally flipped shit! Like I was screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!" to the top of my lungs!! I love that she is back but what baffles me is how in the world did Lil' Wayne find her!!?? How does even KNOW of her!!??? I'm actually really excited to see what else she brings musically now that she's signed under Lil' Wayne.

Here's the info that I got when I googled her:

Wayne's newest signee is Porcelain Black, a Detroit native formerly recording under the name Porcelain and the Tramps. Fans of 'Tha Carter IV' performer are getting a taste of Black's music during the I Am Music II tour, as she's currently opening for Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross on the scheduled dates.

The rocker, who glams it up with her platinum blond and black hairstyle and skin-tight outfits, previously landed on Virgin Records but is now crafting her debut album on Universal Republic. The 25-year-old is working alongside RedOne, who's worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Kat DeLuna, on the effort.

"My music is like if Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson f---ed and had a kid, it would be me," Black said in an interview. "'Cause it's like dance-pop, but it's industrial Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails."

Wayne gives support to Porcelain Black in the video for her new single, 'This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like.' The clip opens up with child versions of Black and Weezy confronting mean girls in the schoolyard. Black shows her bullies what she's currently working with as she struts her stuff in the library, cafeteria and gym, all while breaking into choreographed dance moves.

Porcelain Black can also be seen in the video for Swizz Beatz' 'Rock 'N' Roll,' featuring Lil Wayne, Lenny Kravitz and Travis Barker.


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  1. does anyone know who designed/made that amazing pink fringed outfit she wears in the last part of the video when shes in the school hall with the cheerleaders?!?!?!? i'm very much in <3 with it (and with porcelain's music) and would be v grateful if anyone could answer my question! :D
    xoxo Candy