Sunday, April 3, 2011

My movie night and pic spam

So last night I went on a double date w/ my room mate to the movies.  The movie we all went to see was Insidious. I honestly was terrified of that movie! Both of our bf's were shaken up too! And my boyfriend NEEEVVVEEERRR gets scared! Seriously though, he never gets scared of horror films yet this one got to him. Now I'm not saying he was screaming but he jumped a few times. I know for a fact though that I was screaming my ass off and hiding under my jacket lol. I also think what made it a really good movie is that no boobs had to be shown and there was no excessive gore. Hell, no one's blood was even spilled and that movie was awesome! But I highly recommend others to see it...if you like horror films that is. 

Before we all went to the movies we had fun w/ the webcam!

me and da bf <3

oh yes, we like da funny faaaccceee XD

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