Friday, April 29, 2011

My day out and new music.

I didn't have any plans to go out today but I knew I wanted to dress up and get out b/c it was a lovely day. Luckily for me I had some places to go to to show off my sexiness lol lol just kidding. All thanks to my friend Manuel who invited w/ his friends on an outing to the park and some shopping. Afterwards Manuel also cooked for us, his specialty....TACOS & MEXICAN RICE! He's amazing at cooking especially mexican food! I would have taken pics on our outing but I forgot my camera T.T But I did take some pics when I got back. I took the pics in Manuel's dorm room lol.

I love these leggings w/ a passion! When I saw them at the store they screamed Emoda/Murua/MODE DESU! lol XD

My make up was on the light side b/c I didn't have as much time as I wanted to get ready. Manuel was rushing me! >8O

Now when it comes to new music Manuel has rekindled my love for Jennifer Lopez. He had told me about her new album coming out and I love every song on it!

Jennifer Lopez - One The Floor ft. Pitbull

Jen looked so beautiful and sexy in this vid! I will strive to have her body!

Jennifer Lopez - Papi



  1. Ooh I really like your outfit, especially your leggings ^^

  2. love your style and good music taste :P I love J.lo, she is so hot and sexy plus her style is the boom :P

    xoxo emimarie

  3. @Lizzie: Thank you love ^.^

    @Emi: Thank you! I love J.lo too, she is too sexy!

    @Tres Glamour: Thank you! And thank you for stopping by ^.^