Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bitter sweet weekend

Basically what the title said. I had an amazing weekend with my boyfriend and hanging out with some friends. But a las all good things must come to an end. It all started when I went to gaming event with tournaments and such. I was invited by two of my friends and I accepted their offer and took my bf a long for the ride. The place was really neat and gaming nerds were in abundance lol. I was having a good time until this guy walks over to me and friends and asked what we were doing there or were we looking for someone. We all looked at each other and told him we were there b/c of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament and then he acted all "nice" and tried to recover himself. It was so fucking obvious that he only asked us b/c we were females to be exact. He didn't ask anybody else who walked up in there so why us!? There was even a homeless man in there just eating up the free food and acted like he knew what was goin on yet no one said anything to his ass! >8O That really ticked me and my friends off so the rest of the time we were there it was very awkward and tense. Another one of our female friends came and we told her what happened and she was pissed b/c she knew the guy and she told him we were coming. So to make the situation better our friend that had just arrived offered to take us somewhere else. She asked if we would like to go to Sakura Lounge which is a karaoke bar and restaurant. We all said "hell yeah" and bounced.

Now at the karaoke bar we had a blast and it was my bf's first time being there so he was super excited too. One of friends knew the owner and he gave us a free champagne bottle! We were all super pumped then. We got on stage a few times and sung our hearts out and random people joined in as well. But once again something haaaaaad to happen. I blame myself for this one but I had went to the bathroom with my phone in hand. I set my phone done this ledge in my stall and left it there by accident. I later realized I left it in bathroom so I ran back to see if it was still there and low and behold it was gone! Someone has taken my sweet precious new phone and it's b/c of my carelessness. This completely ruined my buzz but I didn't want to stress too much over it b/c we were all having a good time and I didn't want to bring the others down yet the others knew I was upset so that plan didn't go through. They all helped me look for it but it was no luck. The owner of the karaoke bar said if finds anything that he would contact us so I'm crossing my fingers that he does. Overall though I had a really good time but the depression of not having my phone is starting to hit hard now. And I know it sounds silly to be so upset over something as frivolous as a phone but that phone was bought with my mothers money and I just feel like I wasted her money.

So yeah...I'm pissed about my new phone being stolen yet I'm glad I had an awesome time with awesome people.


  1. aw.. so many bad people around :/ hope karma gets into them. anyway, I really like your blog, so lovely. Definitely going to follow you! :D
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  2. Aaw thank you! Things have been getting better for me lately so I'm happy about that. I followed you back! ^.^

  3. hey! im a new follower!!
    i absolutely adoreee those leggings! theyr so cute!
    nd ure eye makeup looks cool!!

    im new at blogspot so check my blog out too yeah??

    *goes off to read your other posts*