Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini shopping day!

Hello hello! I know it's been a while but I promise you I have more posts to come! To start off, I went a little shopping trip w/ Tomo to China Town and Forever21 and got a few things. 

I got two new nail sets, new lense case, and new lashes! Tomo bought me the first set of nails (the black onee) Thanks so much chica! I also got a poster of Vincent Valentine! My beautiful sexy man! >8D


Here's a closer look at some of those items above.

So concludes my little haul that I'm very proud of >w<

Also I've been getting my nerd on! lol I've been watching and looking at vids and pics of people decorate their room in all otaku craziness! I mean like there were anime figurines and posters and nic nacs all over the place! >w< I want my room to look some what similar. I want an actual room dedicated to anime shit lol. I also want a wall dedicated to gal, my art, and j-rock! Maybe even some K-pop stuff.

I watched this girl's vid. She amazed me b/c I didn't know girls did this! I always thought it was just the guys but I guess thats me stereotyping huh. Well either way I give her mad props. She makes me want to add more things to my room. She's from Holland btw and she entered a vid show casing her room into a room contest. I dunno if she won though.

Gal rooms are always so cute too!


  1. Lovely gets!

    Ive always liked those types of rooms that are just FULL of interesting things, not necessarily cluttered but jam packed hehe

  2. LOL it's so funny I found my way back to this post because I wasn't looking for it. But I would if I knew! I was actually commenting on the Fashion Lashes! I love the price of these I got from Forever 21. I can't belive the price! Especially when I go to Duan Readd in SoHO and see lashes for 10 dollars a pop!

  3. We have the same F21 nails!!! <33