Friday, April 22, 2011

K-pop on the mind!

I dunno if you guys know but I love K-pop (Korean pop music). I just love their beats....and their men! >8D

But anyway I'm making this post to show you guys some songs that I'm currently listening to!

DAL★SHABET (달샤벳) - Pink Rocket (핑크로켓) [1080p HD]

Usually I'm not into cutesy groups but I think they did it just right. Well at least for me they did. Very catchy.

Rania (라니아) - DR FEEL GOOD (닥터 필 굿) [Produced by Teddy Riley]

This group is sooo sexy! I have dubbed them the bad bitch group! This song also sounds really good in english.

BIGBANG - TONIGHT M/V (Original Version)

Now this group of fine men will always be on my favs list! Love them too much! Tae Yang is so fine that it hurts my soul! XD lol

I'm listening to a bunch more but I didn't want to spam you all and my page. But these are all I'm goin to put right now. I will do another post where I spam you all w/ K-pop >83

1 comment:

  1. hey!
    im soo into kpop too! i havnt heard stuff from dal shabet yet... but that song looks good!
    nd is that raina from after school??
    plus plus... bigbang is sooooo amazing! i love TOP!!! lolz~
    im really waiting for some new music by missA~ i hope they release something soon! their other stuff was really good!
    on a side note... kpop fashion is really good too rite?!?!