Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5月3日 outfit and make up post

I finally have my camera back to take full body shots of my outfits but I'm thinking that I want a new camera all together. 

I really liked this outfit but I feel like so many things are missing...like accessories! I'm lacking in the bracelets and necklaces department. I need to invest in those more. v.v

(pretend you don't see my back fat XD lol)

the patch thats on my vest

my make up close up

I was just playing around when I took this pic but I liked how it turned out.


  1. Looking lovely! :D
    A word springing to mind for the outfit is "dandy" XD hehe

  2. You're really pretty and your make up looks great

  3. hey!
    love the top!! the little design is cute! and ure makeup is fantastic!
    nd love the last pic =)

    btw giveaway happening at my blog soon! go check it out!