Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer to do list!

Before I get started on the summer to do list thing, I wanted to briefly mention that about three days ago my boyfriend was over and we made our first rave kandi bracelet! For those that don't know what they are just follow this link: rave kandi cuff
I've never actually made one of these before so this was kind of a challenge but it was fun and great bonding time.
here's a pic of mine:

Now on to the to do list! lol

After coming back from Anime Central I've been in a "GO MAKE SOME COSPLAYS" mood.  And so I've been talking w/ a good friend of min named Jax about new cosplays to make over the summer and we plan on loosing weight too.  I'm super excited b/c Jax in my book is a damn good seamstress and cosplayer. With her help she can make me a masta blasta at cosplay too! I can sew fairly well but she's a beast! lol We are also trying to loose weight b/c we both decided to enter in a cosplay bikini contest in August at this convention called Natsucon! And yes these types of events do exist.  I was worried about b/c I immediately thought of someone being raped or creeped on but the people running the contest said that this contest is 18+ meaning both contestants and viewers have to be 18 or over.  And just in case someone wants to get all touchy and creepy I shall have my bf there to whoop some ass! >8D lol lol Though of course us ladies can sometimes be catty and what not me and Jax are trying to scope out the competition so far and yes we have been judging other girls like bitches lol but it's all in good fun. The swimsuit cosplay I plan on doing is Villetta Nu's from Code Geass! Luckily she has a swimsuit and I don't have to come up w/ one off the top of my head. My friend Jax is still trying to figure out which one she wants to do.

This is the outfit I plan on making and loosing weight for. I have two months to loose 20 pounds....I think I can do this! ^0^

The other cosplay I plan on making for the con is the female Garterbelt  from the show Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt!

Here's what Garterbelt looks like:
and this is the one i just drew up that i plan on making:
don't mind this ugly sketch >w< I can draw better than this I swear XD lol


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