Friday, May 13, 2011

5月13日:I'm not on hiatus!

It's been a little while since I posted but thats mostly due to school. The last two weeks of school have been nothing but essays and projects. But I just had my last class yesterday so now I'm free as a bird! I had planned on making a post last night but blogger was still down and not letting me log in T.T

I also took pics of my outfit of today. 

my fav Steve Madden shoes! <3

I actually had plans on hanging out w/ bf or some friends but it seems everyone is busy or gone somewhere. So I basically got dressed for nothing so instead of ripping my clothes off in anger I decided to take pics of my outfit and post it here. >w< lol

I'm also really glad school is over b/c it gives me more time to work out! I've gained too much weight here. I'm my highest weight ever! Yeah I'm most definitely about to work my ass off and back to my original size! I also plan getting my belly pierced this summer! I'm also thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced but I may do that some time later....maybe in the fall.



  1. ugh, I gained alot of weight during college too >.< But i found that its easier to loose at while at home, not as much stress. Cute outfit as well :)

  2. @Lain: Thank you! ^.^

    @Vanity: I'm the same too. I lost a lot of weight last summer just being at home. And thank you! ^.^

  3. Those jeans are AMAZING! Very pretty, love your blog btw! <3

  4. @Jenny: Thank you! ^0^ My friend made the rips in them for me! Imma have her do some more on my other jeans >w<