Monday, March 28, 2011

Some new things I got over spring break

While I was back in my home town St. Louis, my mom had a strong urge to shop! And who am I to stop her! >8D So on this shopping venture my mom bought me a few things and I'm going to show you what they are ^.^

My new Hello Kitty sandals from Hot Topic. READY FOR SUMMER! I actually bought these myself.

I actually can't believe she got this for me! *0* All I said was "Ooh I like that!" and then my mom goes "Ooh lets get that too!" .......I had a poker face on like no other at that moment XD lol But anyway I'm going to pair this w/ a black floral lace top. I saw that exact outfit on another girl >w<.

This looks like a plain shirt but it's exactly what I wanted and I know exactly what to pair it w/!

This shirt is not the same as the one above. I call this shirt my flying squirrel shirt! lol lol

side of the shirt. It's really light weight and summery.


last but not least my new sugary body spray from Victoria's Secret.

Tis all for now. I'll post more interesting things soon >w<

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