Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day is coming! what to wear!!?? @0@

So I'm here contemplating about what I'm going to wear and what my make up is going to look like. I wanna look nice for the bf! <3 <3 I think I know what I wanna wear but I won't show my outfit until Valentine's Day. Now for make up I will do a style I saw a make up guru on youtube do. She's one of my favs, her name Queenofblending. Here's the vid:

Isn't  she gorgeous!!!!?? I hope I can replicate it good >w<

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  1. I <3 Queen of blending! She is my

    Just as you I have no idea what to wear for Valentines Day! I have the outfit in my head but need to shop. (This is where liz lisa clothes would just magically appear on my bed and make my day)XP I was thinking of the coral look she did too but I think I'm gonna try a nice soft innocent

    No sweat girl your gonna look good no matter what ;] We shall look good for our men! lolz <3