Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random post is random.

Sooooo basically I didn't have school all last week b/c of a blizzard. It was really bad and the snow is stilled pilled up along some sidewalks. And now I've caught a little cold, I'm getting better but every now and then my nostrils clog up >w<. Lets seeeee....what else happened....well me and my room mate are broke and we have no food for ourselves nor our cat. It's sad times here and we are going crazy. WE NEEDS FOOOOODDD!!! I texted my dad and my mom like a little b*tch askin for money for some food. My dad thinks it's funny but luckily he's willing to help out >w<. But besides being broke and hunry and sick I decided to watch a Japanese dancehall vid. I'm subscribed to this Japanese guy named Orochimaru who goes to different reggae/dancehall clubs around Japan and records what happens. So now I'm about to show you guys a vid I watched like 10 minutes ago. It's very sexy too!


  1. Wow, that's one good thing about snow. No school! xD I just hope that you feel better soon~ ♥

  2. Yeah I love no school days! ^0^ And thank you. I'm starting to feel better.