Friday, February 4, 2011

Gal survey (taken from Tomo)

1. Describe your style as a gal.

It's a mix of things between mode, rock, and regular gyaru kei

2. Which models inspire you to get dressed ? 
- Detsu Korohi

- Re:no

- Shizuka Takeda

- Momoko Ogihara

- tutuHA shop staff

3. What are the brands are you wearing lately ? 
Forever21 and just a bunch of cute off brand things
4. What was your first thing from 109 (or similar) ? 
haven't shopped there yet >w<
5. What compliment about your wardrobe do you like best ? 
when people compliment me on my make up, my shoes or my overall outfit
6. What do you wear most often ? 
My black heel boots and lace stockings
7. I like getting....? 
new shoes, make up, and clothes
8. What is the first thing you look at when you see a gal ? 
make & nails
9. What gal rules have you broken ? 
there will be days were my coord's don't seem gal b/c I didn't try hard enough

10. What would you never wear ? 
crocs, mocassins, boring plain tennis shoes
11. What do you think is essential for a good look ? 
your make up! and essential accessories...meaning your point of fashion

12. How do you feel when viewed as a gyaru?
I literally flip shit. lol I feel very confident

13. You have many friends that are gals ? 
I have a few.
I need more! >8D
14. What is the next thing you plan to buy and desperately need?
oh many things lol but I think right now I would like more weave or wigs lol and Ironfist clothing!

15. What's your favorite accessory ? 
my big circle ring from Forever21 and a few other thing si can't think of >w<

16. Sexy, monotone or elegant ? 
all of them!

17. Would you wear clothes that aren't in fashion ?
yeah! If it looks good who cares.

18. What is your current obsession ? 
my leopard print jacket and black heel boots
also I'm craving some new contacts!
19. Do you like to spread gal fashion? How do you do it ?
I do like to spread it but I don't go up to people like "Heeeeyyy check this shit out!" lol I usually tell others about it unless they ask. Or if they mistake my fashion for something else.
20. What advice would you give to someone starting out ?
Think before you do and say! And study up the specific style you wish to do. Also don't be afraid there are tons of nice western gals out there willing to help you.


  1. you ho!! lol
    i just finished my gal survey LOL XD XD XD

  2. Omg I love Shizuka Takeda too! She's always lookin' super sexy. ♥

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