Saturday, October 30, 2010

What really happened...

So I never went to that Coming Out Ball I said I was going to. Instead I went out w/  Tomo and Lisha and we went to Krystal's house.  We had gotten all dressed up too as if we were going to the Coming Out Ball lol I had a blast at Krystal's place too. I had never been there beofore. It was very cute and quaint. We even watched some hentai over there lol I also got to meet Krytal's bf Jordan. He looks sweet and nice. I think she has herself a good man. Oh oh and Lisha even did some manba/banba make on me! And Lisha went w/ a more old school look. I took piccies of our make up adventure. I'm the one w/ pink btw.


  1. haha you should do this style more often, it really suits you. Both of you look great <3

  2. aw thankies. i's so much more work when doing this style XD