Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weight issues

I know most would make a welcome or introduction post but I haaavvvee to post this. I just need to get this out now or I will forget.

Maybe around February I started loosing weight. It started coming off really quick. Though the problem w/ that is I did that kind of in an unhealthy way. I mean I wasn't starving myself but I cut out ALOT of shit and the portions. So I had started at 138 and got down to 135 then on to 130. In August I was 128! I was fuckin happy as shit lol lol Right now I am at my highest! I am 140. I feel like jumping off a bridge. I'm gonna do this weightloss thing the right way and I'm gonna stick w/ it! HARDCORE BABY!! Flat abs and toned legs here I come! >8D


dddddaaaaammmmmnnnn!!! >8D

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