Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion inspo for summer (super pic heavy)

I've seen a few blog posts and some gals talk on Facebook threads about what their inspiration for summer looks were. I know it sounds weird but I haven't given it much thought b/c I've been caught in multiple things. Such as; school, family,  my art, Avengers, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (lol) and looking for a job.

I know now how I would like to look for the summer it's just the matter of actually doing it. Since I don't have a job at the moment all of this just seems to be dreams and wishes. I will try really hard to get a summer job b/c I need to do a little spending on myself. I can't even remember the last time I bought new clothes or shoes. It's been a long time sadly v.v When ever I did acquire a little money it was always the choice of spending it on clothes or food. Food won every time. The broke college life is not fun lol.

Anyway on to the looks!

I already know the type of gal styles I'm into. Like mode, onee and rokku. I would like to incorporate a bit of those into my look. I know for a fact that I'm really feeling tribal prints, flowy maxi dresses and skirt, gold/silver/turquoise jewelry, also African inspired jewelry and wedge heels/sandals. I just want to look real...ethnic looking...that or somewhat boho mode style if you will.

 I'm also into the laid back rocker look. Damaged jean shorts, ripped band shirts, red lips, black/white/gray colors and sultry eye make. I want to do both soooo depending on how I feel that day I would ear either or.

I collected a bunch of reference pics for myself and you guys to know what I'm aiming for.
This first set is by the brand me Jane. I never gave them a second look until this summer collection came out!

This next set are pics I took from the Forever21 website. 

Here are some other pics of fashion that I really liked.

Vanessa Hudgens <3

Here are some pieces I picked out from Westseal's website. 

These outfits below I created on Wetseals website. They allow you to make coord's and such.

Now when it comes to jewelry I would also like to keep that along the tribal/boho theme.

I think you get the gist here.

I also really want to get chain head pieces! They look so lovely and would top off any of those outfits I've posted!

LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THEM! (most of these pics came from etsy)

Now when it comes to the more "laid back rocker" look I only have a few pics to show but I think you get ultimate look that I want to achieve w/ that as well.

Now this look isn't really laid back lol But I love it none the less! <3

I wonder if she actually listens to Slayer....probably not but oh well lol. I saw another gal model wearing an Ironmaiden shirt. That threw me for a loop lol.


So yeah, that concludes my inspo spam! I would like to know what style you are trying to do for this summer...or for fall too! Even make a post about it ya want! ^.^


  1. girrrrrrrrl, i'm almost crying lol. it's KILLING ME seeing all these cute fits that I CAN'T HAVE. U.U I've been turning a lot of my old clothes into stuff. cheap d.i.y. stuff lol. if i didn't have a bf i'd become a stripper. yep cause i haz ass fo days

  2. It's funny you say that b/c every time I look back at this post I get real emotional lol. Being broke is no joke lol. I'm with on the stripper thing. IF I didn't have my bf I'd be on dat pole. I know a few strippers too and they make a wonderful lump some. lol v.v -sigh- I'm about to start messing around w/ some old clothes and turning them into something worthy of wearing.