Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Acen 2012! (pic heavy)

Over the weekend a convention in Chicago happened called Anime Central a.k.a Acen. I have been going there for four years now. And needless to say I had a fuckin blast this year! Even though I would of liked to have money to spend on my nerdy obsessions ToT Aaannndd next year I plan on getting a hotel thats right across the street. I'm not doing the whole wait and take a shuttle thing again. That was a pain. I also didn't get my cosplays done in time. I was so hyped up for them T.T I had half of my Coco Macne cosplay done and all I needed was my corset. I had a friend making the corset for me and she couldn't get it done in time. I plan on doing a lot of cosplay making over the summer. I need to stop procrastinating. But anyway...like I said, I managed to have a good time and I some pics to show you all!

Blake, me Keisha and Lisha

Lisha, me and Tomo in our kogal outfits

in our hotel room


Lisha in her maid outfit

Tomo in her Jinx cosplay (pokemon)

me the first day

Rebbeca, Aurora and Lori

Tomo and Ashley

Sam and her friend Vivienne

v-kei style



random shots of the con (dealers room)

Sailor scouts

Angelic Pretty booth (popular lolita brand)

lolita w/ Tomo in the background lol

Blake and Sonic

more shots of the dealer's room

me being silly

Tomo posing <3

I wanted to buy a poster so bad ToT

Tomo and her friend Juan who was cosplaying as Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect

Tomo and her Alpaca. I bought an Alpaca too but it's a lot smaller and pink. I named mine Rosie.

Fran cosplay


All dat manga!! *0*

Az-nyan! <3

Just some shots of the figurines. I'm going to start collecting soon!

Mio <3

Madoka cosplay

Crona cosplay

Sam cosplaying Gara from Naruto. lol at the yoai booth behind her


My friend Anne in her Angelic Pretty lolita outfit

mmmm copic markers. i needs them!

Panty cosplay

Gartus poster!! ^0^ lol

This gundam was taller than me!

shot of the Funimation booth

This piece was all done w/ chalk! BEAST!!!

Payne cosplayer

Tiger and Bunny cosplay (I know the girl on the right was Blue Rose. I forgot the other characters name >w<)


  1. Awww, what great photos! All of you ladies look awesome~ And I understand the pain of cosplays not being ready on time; I've had that happen a few times, so I hope you get to wear them next time!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The photos are soo pretty and everyone always looks great, but I'm uuber happy I saw Baka & Test figurines. I like that anime..

  3. @Chrissie: Thank you! Yeah I plan on having my shit done on time and right next time~!

    @Alexy: Thank you so much. I was referred to that show recently so I will go check it out!

  4. imma steal these pix . moo hahaha. thank you