Monday, May 7, 2012

Life update plus my love for the Avengers

My school year has ended and I am back at home. To be honest I do not wish to be back here because I already miss my friends and especially my boyfriend. Also there's nothing to do here. Like literally the only thing keeping me from going insane here is the internet. Soon I will be looking for a summer job....oh what joy :/ .

Even though school is over the stress is not gone. I have to wait to see my grades and I'm hoping they are all right. Also I have a hold on student account which prevents me from registering for classes in fall. The hold is due to not paying my dorm bill all the way. My parents hope to pay it off by June v.v . Which brings me to my next task of looking for cheaper places to live in the fall or at least pick a cheaper dorm to live in. I really don't want to dwell too much on this stuff for it really stresses me the fuck out.

Now on to the fun stuff! On the last day before my parents came to pick me up from school my bf took me to see the Avengers in IMAX 3D! Some of his friends went too. I had a blast that night w/ all of them. It made me less sad about leaving him. I know we will see each other soon.

The Avengers is a really really really GOOD ASS MOVIE! I recommend it to all to see it more than once! lol I have seen it twice now and would love to see it again for a third time! That movie has made me so hype over the past couple of days. I even added a Lady Thor cosplay to my list of cosplays to do! *0* This movie is the right kind of action packed film I crave for. And it satisfies my nerdy desires....and my dirty nerdy desires! >8D I don't want to spoil anything for anyone about it but I will say there will be a second one! I'm sorry if that pisses anyone off for knowing that but I promise I will end my spillage there. >w< There's so many scenes I wish to discuss w/ you all but I shall keep my lips sealed.

Here's a look into the type of Lady Thor cosplay I'm thinking of. I like first outfit but I like the chest armor on Thor. So I will mix these two. I'm too excited! ^0^ woooooooo!!

My mini Thor spam. Chris Hemsworth is ridiculously attractive to me. ESPECIALLY as Thor. 


I guess it's obvious who my favorite Avenger is XD Captain America is a close second!

ok ok I'm done lol. TTYL loves <3


  1. lol me and my sister didn't hesitate to choose Thor over Captain America but yes, he does come in a close second for us as well. But Thor takes the trophy...oh my jesus.

  2. I'm FINALLLYYYYY going to see it Saturday. I LOVE EVERYTHING MARVEL. We shall discuss it's awesomeness later, yes? c: