Monday, May 14, 2012

MMORPG frustrations. (rant)

I just need to get this out...and maybe someone might be able to help.

Recently I've been wanting to do a bit more gaming and I happened to stumble upon this really cute mmo called Spirit Tales (the original Japanese one is called Glory Destiny). I haven't played a mmo in some years so I thought this would be fun.

Here comes the trials and many many errors. v.v

So I find out that the game doesn't run on mac's. Ok. I was pissed about that for like a day and then I found a way to make it run on my mac. By using a windows software emulator. I downloaded one from online (torrents are awesome lol).

Everything was going fine. I installed the software and got the game to start downloading

(cute ass shit right!?)

Now it took all night to completely be done. I woke up around 1pm and looked at my computer and noticed that it had finished! I was too happy! All I had to do was sign some license agreements and boom done! Did all that then it disappeared to a folder that I couldn't find!! I spent an hour bitching on fb and my boyfriend about it. I was too frantic to find it.

I go on the games website forum to see if I can find out how to fix my problem. Luckily someone screen capped the steps and I saw the name of the folder! Now...I go in my search bar and downloads link and find nothing by that name. :/ I literally felt like pulling my hair out.

After taking a break from my computer I come back and just start fiddiling around on it. Miraculously my download pops up BUT then it stops and says "transfer not complete. will try to restart"....WTF!!!!!????!!! >8O So I sit there for like an hour and still nothing!!!!
So then I just restart and try to connect again. THEN..this bitch ass program says it won't run b/c there's no internet connection! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!??? I'm sitting here on facebook, blogger and youtube w/ no problems! My internet connection is fine!!! WTF IS GOING ON!!!!???!! 

me right now:
I will fucking kill you w/ this lancer!! >8O

here's the original picture (which is a lot cuter lol)

I really am about to start screaming. I think I'm more pissed b/c it keeps giving me hope that it will work and then it shits on my hopes and dreams. The only thing I can think of doing now it restarting my computer over and hoping something good will come out of it.

IF it never works on my computer I will invade my father's pc. He doesn't like when me and brother use it b/c he thinks we put viruses on his stuff (lies). But he will just have to get over it. My nerd needs are more important! >8O

If someone out there knows how I can resolve this please do ToT

ok...I'm done ranting.

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