Monday, April 2, 2012

My spring break and self pic spam

Ok so I'm back in Chicago now but last week was my spring break and I was around family and friends  24 /7! It was good to see everyone again and it was good to sleep in MY room again.

I didn't really do too much exciting besides hanging with friends and what not. And even then we just chilled out at my place or theirs. But we did go to the movies! We "The Hunger Games"! I personally thought it was a good movie and I plan on reading the books as well. I need to know what else happens in the story! @0@

During my spring break week I was supposed to do an interview w/ Chaudalyn a.k.a Chaudie. I got online ready to do the interview and then my internet connection decides to crap out on me! I got all pretty and shit for nothing ToT I don't blame anything on Chaudalyn for we tried multiple times to get my connection to work but nothing came through. So I guess we are planning to do the interview again some other time.

I didn't want my make to go to waste sooooo I decided to be a cam whore (like always lol) and get some pics of myself to share! ALSO you will get to see my new hair! I went for the short bob look this time!

uuggghh my fat arm -does push ups-

boob almost fell out there! lol >w<

I need to stock up on some bottom lashes bad! T.T


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun during spring break!
    You look so pretty ~ it's a real shame about the interview/internet connection though : (

  2. Youre bob cut is so sweet and smart looking^^