Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Pink lenses! (not really a review...just showing)

I meant to post about this two weeks ago but I got so excited and only posted about them on fb and tumblr. I totally forgot about making a blog post!

Well most have already seen my new lenses but just so I can hurry up and make this post I will have other posts ready. I feel like I need to get this out lol.

Also w/ all the worry about circle lenses fucking people's eyes up I was really nervous about getting my lenses. I already have bad vision so I don't need anything making me completely blind. Hopefully since they are prescription they would have been taken care of more and not defective. I've worn them once already and so far no problems v.v

Oh! The lenses are called EOS New Adult Pink. I got these for two cosplays I'm doing b/c both characters have pink eyes. Little did I know that I would really love the color on me!

My outfit that day. Not the best pic but I didn't have batteries for my camera at the time so I just settled w/ using my webcam.
I had on black ankle boots btw.

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