Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artsy fartsy

Lately I haven't been motivated to draw much. Me, the person who wants to make this a career, is seriously slackin right now. I hope to get out of this artist block funk soon.

Yesterday I drew a strawberry shortcake pastry. I had gotten the inspiration to draw it from my friends Moni and Lisha. They have drawing pasties lately. I had no intent on coloring it b/c I don't have a tablet and it's hard to color well on a lap top using your fingers. Luckily I found a mouse to use and went town on coloring it.
甘いケーキ (amai ke-kii)= Sweet Cake

Here's the finished product. It's nothing special but it's a start to get me out my artist block streak. Maybe the next thing I draw will be more... intricate? lol 

Here's what it looked like before I colored it

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