Monday, July 23, 2012

Some new things I've gotten + life update

I should have made a new post some weeks ago but I admit I get distracted and lazy. So I guess I shall fill you guys in on the things happening or...not happening lol.

I have been dying to get a new phone. Anything at all! It didn't have to be special or smart phone for that matter. Luckily my dreams came true. Me, my brother and father all got a new phone but they are all the same. We go them from ebay and they are kinda old as in they came out I think 09' or 2010. BUT they are brand new and never used! It's called the LG Xenon.

Now this phone for me is an upgrade from the old ass Nokia flip phone I was using buuuut it's no iphone lol I miss my iphone. Curse those who stole it from me! >8O My dad had a smart phone but it was busted up so he needed a new phone. He is now realizing the difference between a smart phone and the ones we have now. LOL he's stressin b/c he can't do some of the same things his old phone could. I told him we should all get sumthin 4g at least but he's all "it's too expensive. we can something else." Well we got sumthin else and he's unsatisfied lol. There are other good phones out there that are newer that aren't smart phones but they are also expensive as shit. We aren't under contract w/ anybody so anything we get has to be cheap as fuck or used cuz regular priced phones are ridiculous. I wish we would get back on contract but that's a whole other argument v.v

Right now I'm OK w/ the phone but at least it's sumthin. v.v

I would like this phone a lot more if the keys were bigger, the touch screen more sensitive (I feel like I'm punching it just to get it to click something lol) and it had a better battery life. But like I will do...for now.

Besides the phone business I'm still struggling to be gal while broke. I was just denied for the second time after an interview. I'm tired of playing these job hunt games. They smile in your face acting like you got the job and then you wind up w/ nothing. -sigh- 
I'm constantly having to beg my parents for money or for them to buy me something. I feel like a major bum. Luckily they are kind enough sometimes and understand my situation. 

My hair is natural right now and I'm trying to grow it out but for the time being I've been wearing wigs as protective styling. To protect it from heat damaged and from me twisting the fuck out of it. But lately my wigs are getting more busted looking and I needs new weave! lol That's where the kindness of my mama bought me some weave so that I could create my own wig! Woooooo!!!

I wanted that ombre effect in my hair/wig so thats what she bought for me!

I've seen some girls bleach and dye their own weave/hair but since I'm lazy and don't know how to do such things I bought it pre-made! lol I know the pic quality isn't good but it's a dark brown (1B) and fades into like this honey blonde at the ends. I can't to start making this wig.

Another thing to add onto my creation list this summer is nails! I made a post about it some weeks ago. I had ordered some rhinestones from ebay for $1.98 (it was either that or 1.99) and it was free shipping! I was waiting for them to come so I could get started. Now my package is in and my nails are lookin lovely!

this was the design I was doing.

When I actually apply them to my nails I will take better pics of them.

Welp this is all for now. ttyl loves! <3

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