Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A bit of good news and nails!

The little good news I would like to share w/ you all is; 1. I will be getting a new phone in the mail this Friday. I've been w/ out a phone for almost a month. I felt so hopeless w/ out one v.v 2. I got a call back for a job and I have an interview next Wednesday! I soooo fuckin happy about that! I hope I do good. I need a job bad!

Now onto one of my favorite obsessions! NAILS! Specifically stiletto nails! I plan creating my own after I saw some nail porn from tumblr! lol Here are some nails that I liked while browsing tumblr! 

SEXY AS FUUUCCKKK!! My mouth waters at a good stiletto nail!

From looking at those pics I decided I was going to create a set myself! (I would like to have nails done w/ acrylic at a salon but Imma take the broke route for now and make my own! lol)
This was something I sketched up in photoshop.

the white/gray dots are rhinestones. I bought some today on ebay for $1 and free shipping! But they don't get in until like two weeks from now. If I can't that long then I will go find some at a store. The light pink will actually be a bit darker than what's portrayed on here.

Tis all for now. I'm starting on those nails todaaayy!! I'm so excited. 


  1. All those nails are amazing, I really want to try out at making my own gel nails>.<


  2. I love stiletto nails. I always tried to make them myself but they so ugly on my own..just get them done at the salon now hahah

  3. want so bad, my nail tech always refuses to go that sharp :C fdhkjhsdh I want the goldxbeige *A*

  4. hella cute bb! youve been tagged for the liebster award (ik you alrady did it sorry lolol)